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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Purple Comparison Post

I feel like I've been in love with lavenders this year, and sure enough, I've acquired 8 lavender polishes in the last couple weeks. Four of them are solids and from bigger brands. They are: Julep Alice, Butter London Molly-Coddled, Zoya Julie, and Square Hue Groovy Love.

Here are the bottles:

And here they are on my nails (top to bottom): Julep Alice (pointer; 2 coats), Zoya Julie (middle; 3 thick coats), Butter London Molly-Coddled (ring; 2 coats), and Square Hue Groovy Love (pinkie; 2 coats).

And in that order with their respective bottles:
Julep Alice

Zoya Julie

Butter London Molly-Coddled

Square Hue Groovy Love
Overall thoughts:

About color: They are all definitely different.  The most creamy purple was the Square Hue- and it was also the darkest.  The Butter London was almost pink- it definitely stood out as the least purple when on my nails. The Zoya was the most shimmery. The Julep only appears shimmery in the right light, but the Zoya is constantly shimmery, and as a result looks like a lighter color, though they are definitely the closest- the difference in color is really due to the amount of silver shimmer in it.

Application: The Julep was the most one-coater/thick (but still easy to apply)- the second coat did nothing but make it thicker on the nail. The Square Hue was next- it almost didn't need two coats, but looked a little better with the second. The Butter London needed two coats, but coverage was good with the second coat. The Zoya was definitely the thinnest. I did 3 THICK coats, and I still have a bit of a visible nail line in the right light.

Hope this helps! I am loving purple this spring, and I hope you do too!

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  1. This is so helpful! Tells me all I need to make up my mind.


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