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Monday, May 13, 2013

Striping Tape Nail Art and Fun with Square Hues!

I have been subscribing to Square Hue for a while! I am not one of their bloggers, but I began to subscribe in January. It's a pretty fun service, and last month was a huge hit for me! This month, not so much. In the last 4 months, they've had two that were pretty much 3 pinks. This month, I did like "Day Glow"- it's a fuchsia jelly! I decided to give some striping tape a try for chevrons (which are so in right now)!

First of all, here is Square Hue's Yellow Submarine by itself. I had to do 3 thick coats to get it to be opaque, and it's a great highlighter yellow (from April's box):

Square Hue Yellow Submarine

Then, I put striping tape on my thumb, middle and pinkie fingers. This was the tricky part. The base color has to be completely dry first. Then, you have to cut it into the right lengths and lay it on the finger the right way. It did not stick to my finger itself, just the nail.

Square Hue Yellow Submarine with striping tape
Then, you just paint over the whole nail! I chose to paint over it with one coat of Square Hue Day Glow!

Painting over the striping tape with Square Hue Day Glow

Painting over the striping tape with Square Hue Day Glow
Then I used tweezers to pull off the striping tape once the pink was tacky (about 80% dry) from the outside inwards.

Ta-da! Peeled it off!

And the pinkie!
Finally, I sealed with three coats of Butter London Top Coat to even it all out!

End Nail Art result!

What do you think? Do you like this look? Would you try it yourself?

These polishes were purchased by me as part of my membership in Square Hue's subscription program.

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