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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini

“Two thousand years ago the night sky looked completely different, and so when you get right down to it, the Greek conceptions of star signs as related to birth dates are grossly inaccurate for today's day and age. It's called the Line of Procession: back then the sun didn't set in Taurus, but in Gemini. A September 24 birthday didn't mean you were a Libra, but a Virgo. And there was a thirteenth zodiac constellation, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, which rose between Sagittarius and Scorpio for only four days.

The reason it's all off kilter? The earth's axis wobbles. Life isn't nearly as stable as we want it to be.”

-My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

Polish information: I used Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini for these manicures- two light coats and one very thick coat (3 coats total). I used an Elmer's basecoat and Butter London topcoat. It is described as: "A vibrant blue jelly with rose gold and pink circles and scattered silver dust." Mine looked to be more of a deeper blue- until I got it into the light. These photos are taken under a normal house lamp.

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini

As far as usage, it went on really smoothly- the jelly base anyway. The bigger glitters were very sparse in my bottle so I had to dig to get them out and onto my nails at all.  The sparse look wasn't too bad (and will probably make for easier removal).  I wish there were more of the bigger circle glitters in it though!! Also, even with 3 coats, I still had some visible nail line, which you can see in the photos- but I ended up liking the look. The color reminded me of looking at my nails under a deep ocean, and I LOVED that effect anyway!

The only problem is that as it dried, it smelled really foul to me- like sulfur. This effect was worse with a glue base coat for some reason (I ended up trying a few to see if it was a chemical reaction). I'm not sure if it was just my bottle (but the GREAT news is that Liquid Lacquer has fantastic customer service and is taking it back- and paying for the shipping to get it back)! It may be that I am overly sensitive to this kind of smell and it wouldn't bother any one else. No one else who has purchased this color has noticed it, so most likely, it is either my specific bottle or me. I have to commend Liquid Lacquer on the amazing customer service because of it though! Really stellar!

Anyway, on to the swatches!!

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini (3 coats)

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini (3 coats)

Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini (3 coats)

Final thoughts: Overall, I think it's a gorgeous color, and I really like it!  I wish it was a bit more opaque, but the jelly effect gave it an "ocean" look- and I love those circle glitters- wish there was more of 'em! The only thing I didn't like was the smell- but the customer service was FABULOUS as a result! I do also love the name though- Halfway Gemini! My birthday is on the border of Gemini and Cancer. Some years they say Gemini finishes on my birthday and others, Cancer begins with my birthday, so I also feel like a halfway Gemini! :)

If you want to buy some of Liquid Lacquers gorgeous creations, go here! As a note, this polish was provided as part of a blogger package that I purchased at a discount for my honest review.


  1. I actually really like this color a lot. It sucks that it smelled bad, but what amazing customer service to exchange the bottle. I just did my review today also :)

    1. How awesome! Do you have this one? I think the dimensionality is really cool- and her CS was incredible for this one! It was an easy/great experience! Thanks so much for the comment!! <3


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