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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Julep May Boho Glam Box

I have been with Julep's Maven Program (a monthly subscription service) for over a year now! I really love getting the boxes, and Julep's polishes are gorgeous.  My profile is Classic with a Twist, but since you can go into your account and pick a different style each month (between the 20-24), I have tried every single profile a couple times. I love the flexibility!  If you want to sign up, go here! You can take their quiz- on the bottom left of the webpage (or just pick a style for your intro box, since you can change it any time later). The quiz is fun though! You'll start with an intro box, and then move into the monthly program ($19.99/month, always free shipping- you can also skip any month's, switch the style you will get for a month, or cancel at any time).

This month, the theme for all the boxes was the 20's! I love it. Especially since I am super-excited about the movie, The Great Gatsby, is similarly styled, and I feel like it just built my excitement for it more!  I selected the Boho Glam, partly because I liked the look of the lipsticks in that better and because I loved the look of the light purple polish (Alice). It did not disappoint!

First, I have to say this is my favorite month for packaging.  I love the tissue paper, and it looked so elegant as I opened the box!

Here was everything altogether in the box- the trio of lipsticks is in the little NEW YORK box, the two polishes, and some cute bobby pins- the bobby pins were a surprise!!

First, I tried on the bobby pins.  I have side bangs, and I like to clip them back, so I stuck one of these in there. They are incredibly sturdy. It was tough to get them open, but they would not let those bangs budge once I stuck them in! I think they'd be adorable sticking up in a messy bun, so maybe I'll have to give that a try in the future! 

Next, I played around with the lipsticks.  They were smaller than I expected. I am showing them in my hand, so you can see the size.  I like the mini size- it's super cute, but it definitely is smaller than anticipated.

I swatched them on my hand. You can't see the most nude of them (top of the hand) as it matched my skintone so perfectly. I am not sure how much I'll wear it, but I love the brighter pinks! They are (from top to bottom and left to right: Tea for Two (nude shimmer lip sheer), Satin Doll (poppy lip sheer), Lady in Red (matte crimson lip color).

And finally, the polishes! In the Boho Glam, there was a light purple (Alice) and dark purple or indigo (Millie- such a 20's style name!)

These both ended up being one coaters. Millie (ring and pinkie fingers) I used one coat with Butter London top and base coat and Alice (pointer and middle fingers), I used as two coats, as it was a little streaky, and I was hoping to even it out more (it did not make much difference- and the streakiness wasn't too bad). To see a comparison of Alice with other lavender shades of this spring, check out my post here!

So you can see them a bit better:

I LOVED Alice- it's got a lovely silver shimmer in it, and the streakiness was pretty minimal. It's such a great springy lavender, and is slightly different from the ones I have from Zoya and Butter London (comparison post here).

Millie was not my favorite. This was only one thin coat, which was nice, but it smelled like a skunk! I was glad it only took one coat.  As it dried, the smell disappeared, but while the bottle was open, it was unbearable. I've heard some dyes can cause this to happen, but boy, was it bad!! The good news about Millie was that it does not stain upon removal as some dark colors can/do. I did use a base coat, but not even my cuticles had stains, so that is great in my book for a color as dark as this one!!

And finally, just because I liked it so much, here's a close up on Alice! I love it!  Again, if you want to sign up for the maven program, you can go here!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Note: I bought this box with my own money and decided to review it for fun! :)


  1. I like Alice a lot! Millie is really pretty too. Why are the Julep polishes smelling weird all of a sudden?

    1. Excellent question! I have no idea! I wonder if they switched the type of dye they used to use? I hear that some types of polish coloring drops can smell pretty terrible. Or maybe it is a change in the base they use? I actually sent them an email to ask about it, so I will let you know when I find out! It is pretty bad though, unfortunately, because the color is so pretty! Did you get the box this month? And if so, which one did you get? :)


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