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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Literary Lacquers Phenomenal Woman

 "Scientist by trade, I had the pleasure of being promoted this year to a stay at home mom to a sweet little Jedi baby. It was this new life as a mom with messy hair, spit-up on my shirt, a newly broken nail and chipped polish, and more baby weight than I cared for that led me to choose Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou as the inspiration for my polish creation. Far too often we hold ourselves to an impossible standard of beauty that we fail to see that what truly makes us beautiful comes from the inside, not our outward appearance. I wanted this polish to be bold and confident because that is what makes a woman phenomenal."

-Jen, paragraph comes from her community collection excerpt.

Polish Information: This polish is Literary Lacquer's Phenomenal Woman from Literary Lacquer's Community Collection. The color is gorgeous! Application was very thin- it took 4 coats to get it like this, and even then, I still had a little visible nail line. I used Julep's top and base coat for these photos. It showed some tip wear after a day and more after a couple days. Thus, I did some touch up before taking these photos. The holo was pretty linear, and you got a lot of sparkle in light, but the linear really came out with bright lights (like flash).

Phenomenal woman, inside no flash

Phenomenal woman, inside no flash

Phenomenal woman, inside no flash

Phenomenal woman, inside with flash
Final thoughts: I really liked this color, but it was a bit thin for my preference. However, this may have been better with an undie. I love the idea of the community collection, and the inspiration for this one is fabulous! Burgundy holos are very in right now, and this one certainly fits the bill!

If you'd like your own, check out Literary Lacquers on facebook here or go to her shop here. Please note that this polish was sent to me for being a part of the community collection and for my honest review.

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