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Friday, January 3, 2014

Literary Lacquers Sidewalk's End

"Growing up my house backed up to the Library in the city I grew up in. I spent a lot of time there, and not just because in the summer it was always nice and cool with central air. lol I got lost in the stores I would read; becoming the heroine, or the detective solving the crime. Often a sibling would have to come get me to tell me it was time for dinner. And after some serious hospital stays polish became a part of that equation; something to be immersed in like a book. A celebration of color, beauty and a story; yes, nail polish can do all that for me. It can give the color to correlate with my mood, it can sparkle and shine, even when I don’t feel sparkly and shiny. And it can represent something close to the heart with name, the color, even the finish; things like books, music, movies, places traveled. Sidewalk’s End represents the childhood memories of reading one of my favorite books as a kid. The grey of course represents the sidewalk; the place of neverending activity; hopscotch, squareball, rollerskating and so much more. The holo and the multi-colored flecks; the wonderful drawings, colorful poems, and stories that were filled with imagination and thoughts that were most likely lurking in many a youthful mind."

-LA Salzy's community collection paragraph/description.

Polish Information: This is Literary Lacquer's Sidewalk's End, another polish from her community collection. This one is intentionally thin, but I had to use 7 coats to get full coverage (my husband can confirm- it was hard to cover up the nails with this one!). It was a very pretty slate gray with a good holographic shimmer. Wear was good on this one- no chips, even after two days. I used Julep's top and base coats for this one. The glass flecks were a bit hard to see unless you were in the shade, so I tried to get a good photo...

Sidewalk's End, indoors no flash

Sidewalk's End, indoors no flash

Sidewalk's End, indoors with flash

Sidewalk's End, outdoors in shade- trying to get flecks to show (click to embiggen)

Sidewalk's End, indoors no flash

Final thoughts: This is the prettiest sidewalk I've ever seen! :-P It did have a pretty look about it, like the magical sidewalk you might imagine from your childhood. It was lovely- but be prepared to use an undie or a lot of coats to get full coverage! It is very (intentionally) thin! Aptly designed and inspired though- it certainly fits its name! :)

If you'd like your own, check out Literary Lacquers on facebook here or go to her shop here. Please note that this polish was sent to me for being a part of the community collection and for my honest review.

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