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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Christmas Cheer

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

-Buddy from Elf

Polish Information: This Christmas polish is Liquid Sky Lacquer's Christmas Cheer from her Elf collection. I LOVE this polish. The base is a green jelly that is fairly faint (so would take many coats to build to full coverage), so it needs an undie (I'd recommend a green or white, as since it is green, it would tint any other color green anyway). I used Zoya Verushka. Application was great for the little glitters, but the bigger glitters were their usual difficult selves. However, I still managed to get a pretty good number of them out!! The candy canes stuck up a little because they were almost the same size as my nails, but the snowflakes were small enough not to poke up with my top coat (I used Color Club top coat and BL basecoat here). I love the combination of glitters in this one, and the little glitters came out super easy and looked great and Christmasy on their own!! I LOVED wearing this one!!

On to the pic spam!!

Christmas Cheer on my thumb!

Christmas Cheer indoors, no flash

Christmas Cheer indoors, no flash

Christmas Cheer indoors, no flash

Christmas Cheer indoors, no flash

Christmas Cheer outdoors

Christmas Cheer outdoors

I will also show you my Cinderella hand, where as you can see, I got many fewer big glitters, but the small glitters also looked pretty!! Forgive the cuticles on this one though please! :)

Christmas Cheer on my Cinderella (right) hand indoors, no flash
As an afterthought, I am also going to include a few photos from Liquid Sky Lacquer's Blue Daiquiri. This one was a problem child, but a pretty blue. I think it's a testament to how far she has come as an indie maker as this is one of her older polishes. It was a little thin, so I used four thick (very thick) coats, and you can still see a bit of my nail line. It also didn't really color shift as much as I am used to for LSL. The blue was a pretty color with a gold shimmer, but compared to her other amazing polishes, it wasn't as great. I mean, her other color changers were some of the best polishes I have ever used!! So, really, it was an okay polish. Not my new favorite, but it was alright. I'll just show a couple photos here...

Blue Daiquiri in its matching bag

Blue Daiquiri indoors with flash

Blue Daiquiri indoors, no flash

Final thoughts: If you love Christmas glitters, run (seriously, RUN) to get Christmas Cheer!! It's such a gorgeous glitter topper that SCREAMS Christmas at you!!! I loved it- application was good, though it does have the typical big glitter difficulty (though they are so packed in there you can still get them- not impossible by any means!). I LOVED it!!!

If you want your own, check out Liquid Sky Lacquer on facebook or buy it at her shop, here! Please note: These polishes were purchased by me at a discount for my honest review.

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