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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion

"My mother was always in those films where it's the end of the world and a meteor's about to hit London; there's only six people left, and one of them's in purple underwear. That was always my mother, running from this meteor in purple underwear and spraining her ankle."

-Paula Yates

Gorgeous packaging of LSL- matching bag to polish!

Polish information/review: This is Liquid Sky Lacquer's Fuchsia Illusion. Like the other thermo-holographics I have reviewed from LSL, Fuchsia Illusion is gorgeous and applied smoothly, easily, and dried quickly. This one had a dramatic color shift between two bright colors- a hot pink and a vivid purple! It is simply stunning!

LSL Fuchsia Illusion!

LSL Fuchsia Illusion!
And now, for some images of the color shift- outside in the sun and indoors with artificial light.

Color shift of Fuchsia Illusion outdoors in the sun

Color shift of Fuchsia Illusion indoors with artifical light
And now, I will let the polish speak for itself in some shots with flash and of the way the color naturally stays with the warm/cold changes that happen between the nailbed and air!

Fuchsia Illusion with flash- check out the holo!

Another shot with flash for the holo effect

And a third because I love it that much!!

It was over 90 degrees out yesterday, so when I was cold, the air was hot enough to change the color on my tips to the "warm" color!!!

Final thoughts: This one is another winner and stunner from Liquid Sky Lacquer! I really enjoyed wearing it and playing with the color shift. I also really loved how bright the "warm" color was- sometimes they look washed out, but this was a gorgeous bright pink!

If you want your own, check out Liquid Sky Lacquer on facebook or buy it at her shop, here!  This one is a beauty!!

Please note: This polish was purchased by me at a discount for my honest review.

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