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Friday, September 27, 2013

Different Dimension Stronger and Walk of Shame

“The Lady shrugged nonchalantly. "You're a hider. That's what you're thinking. And you're right."

May swallowed and nodded, feeling very small.

The Lady kneaded her wrinkled hands. "What you are hiding from the most, my dear, is that you are none of those things you are so afraid of being - cowardly, weak, small. You aren't afraid to know you're afraid. And you're most afraid that you're stronger than you know.”

― Jodi Lynn Anderson, May Bird Among the Stars

Polish Information: This is Different Dimension's Stronger. Stronger is described as "a blue leaning periwinkle scattered holographic polish with hints of different colors reflected in the light." I used three coats here with butter LONDON's top and base coats. Different Dimension is one of my absolute favorite indie brands. DD was actually the first indie I bought from, and the quality was so high that I was instantly hooked on indies! It is now the indie I have the most of as well, and I still LOVE every single polish I have bought from her (which is past 40 now!). Back to Stronger- this color is truly multidimensional!! I got strong blue and purple shines, depending on which way I caught the light.

Stronger bottle shot to show the purple shine!

Oooh la la! Gorgeous!

And another shot of nails with bottle
Application was great- easy as usual with DD polishes. I used decently thick coats- it would probably make a great topper! It has a subtle holo to it, even in indoor light, and gorgeous blue and purple flashes that my camera had a tough time capturing!

Gorgeous, is it not?

Augh! I love this color!!

You can really see all the colors here- and purple flashes near the cuticles!

Blue flash!!
I LOVE Stronger!! I also tried out Walk of Shame earlier this week. Unfortunately, it looks like it's been discontinued, but my husband actually selected this one for me to wear. It is a brownish color that has a purple shine (I'd almost say duochrome, but not quite!) to it and is just a lovely deeper color as well!

Walk of Shame is even lovely in the bottle!

Walk of Shame! Very lovely color!

This just screams fall to me!
Final thoughts: DD is an amazing brand and I would highly recommend both of these colors!! Stronger is really, truly unique and has so many amazing things going on!! Walk of Shame just screams fall to me, I really love and highly recommend them both!!

As a note, I purchased both of these polishes entirely on my own and decided to review them just for fun! If you want your own Different Dimension polishes (and trust me, you do!), you can check out her shop here and her facebook page here!

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