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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MDJ Creations Festival Lights

“"Well, that’s actually quite understandable," Deepak gently returned, "there are a lot of things people fear, yet really the only thing people have any reason to fear is uncertainty. Of course, the biggest uncertainty is what happens to us after this life, which is why we fear death so much. But even death is rather pointless to worry about, it will happen to each and every one of us, whether we care for it or not, all we can do is try to accept it as gracefully as possible.
"This is why, living day to day, my greatest uncertainty hasn't been about death, but whether you will love me by returning all of my affection. I can’t think of anything I would find more fearful or disturbing than if you were to refuse my feelings or worse if you were to fall in love with someone else before you had a chance to love me."”

-Andrew James Pritchard, Festival of Lights

Three thick coats over white on the thumb here (to show base better)

Polish Information: This polish is MDJ Creations "Festival Lights." It has multiple small yellow and red glitters of different shapes with a slight holographic shimmer in a slightly gold base. The base is nearly clear, so it is certainly best layered, and I chose to use a bright white base so that the glitters could really stand out, and you could see variations on base color. Thus, all photos are 2 coats Festival Lights over 2 coats Sally Hansen Ivory Skull (a bright bleach white). The holographic shimmer in the base is very subtle in photos, but you can catch a bit of holo shine in natural light. Application was very good- no fishing for glitters- they came out easily, even from the mini bottle. I used Julep topcoat. Wear time was pretty good- no chips until 2 days of wear (when I was doing hard cleaning/laundry). On to the photos!

Festival Lights outdoors in the sun!

Festival Lights outdoors in the sun!

Festival Lights outdoors in the sun!

Festival Lights outdoors in the shade

Festival Lights outdoors in the shade

Festival Lights indoors with a flash, close up to show the base/holo shimmer

Final thoughts: This one was fun to play around with. I think in the future, putting it over a gold color would also be very pretty, as the base is light and this would make it stand out more. Wear was pretty good and application was great!

If you want your own, please check out MDJ Creations on facebook, or go straight to her etsy store here! As a note, this polish was purchased by me at a discount for my honest review.

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