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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Literary Lacquers Thermodynamics

"Ever since I was eight years old, I "borrowed" my mom's make up and nail polish. By the age of eleven, I was already crushing and mixing eye shadows into my own custom lacquers (sorry mom), so when it was time to do a Blogger collaboration shade with Literary Lacquers, I couldn't have been happier. Growing up, I recall wearing 2 to 3 different manicures in a day, and people thought I was crazy; and I still do it now when I have the time. I started taking NOTD pictures a couple of years ago, as a way of making them last a bit longer, and this is how my blog started. When I am not blogging, I am a scientist, although I daydream about nail polish all day; and constantly look at my glittery nails under the latex gloves when I'm working in the lab. Last month, Amy asked me what kind of books I read, and I was sitting at my desk thinking science books. I looked over at the pile next to me and thought: Chemistry, Physics and Biology books? It's really all I read now. Among the many scientific topics that I can read about for hours, is Energy and Work. I am fascinated by the concept of Entropy (disorder), which is one that Amy can relate to, especially after a long night of mixing. A few weeks ago, Amy sent me a picture of a prototype, which encompassed Heat and Entropy. I told her "Can you add iridescent blue micro-glitter? I see some blue flecks! Expand on that, as they say in the literary world", and she did! She worked her magic, and tested the lacquer for wear and staining. She sent me more pictures, and I was in love with the final result. That is how Thermodynamics was born."

-Alex's paragraph about this polish from Literary Lacquers' Community Collection

Polish Information: This beauty is Literary Lacquers Thermodynamics. It's a HOT pink jelly with blue, purple, and pink microglitters/shimmers. As a jelly, it looked pretty solid in the bottle, so I decided to bravely paint it on sans undies. It took me 7 thick coats to get the coverage you see in these photos. I probably could have used some more for fuller coverage. As for wear, on day three, only one tiny chip in one nail, so pretty good! Please forgive the bad nail art. I saw pink, and I thought VALENTINE'S NAILS! I was determined to get some nail art on there. This is actually a final nail art ditch attempt (you don't even want to see its predecessors), as the others were truly terrible. This one was simple enough that I figured I could keep it (and I had already removed enough polish for the day). It also shows you what Thermodynamics would look like with a white polish undie (here- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ivory Skull)- white really makes the pink pop!! I used Julep's top and base coats. On to the picspam...

Thermodynamics- indoors, no flash

Thermodynamics- indoors with flash

Thermodynamics- outdoors in the sun

Thermodynamics- outdoors in the sun

Thermodynamics- indoors without flash

Thermodynamics- indoors without flash

Thermodynamics- outdoors in the shade

Final thoughts: This was a fun and beautiful polish with a few layers to it, with the microglitters/shimmers! I really enjoyed wearing it. If you want the color to pop more, I suggest light-colored undies! Wear time was great. If you'd like your own, check out Literary Lacquers on facebook here or go to her shop here. Please note that this polish was sent to me for being a part of the community collection and for my honest review.

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