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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Literary Lacquers Jackaroo

"When I thought you were lost in the blizzard... it seemed a long time left that I must live. A long time, and the season would always be winter."

-Excerpt from Jackaroo by Cynthia Voight

Today's post is all about Literary Lacquers "Jackaroo" polish, based on the book Jackaroo. I actually won this polish in a giveaway from Varnished Valkyrie. The contest was to describe your favorite book and a polish that you would base on it. Then the winner was chosen by Varnished Valkyrie and Literary Lacquers.

I chose Jackaroo, because it is one of my all-time favorite books- my entry went as follows:

"This is a tough challenge to come up with my favorite book and one that could inspire a polish. My first instinct (which I will go with) is Jackaroo by Cynthia Voigt. She followed it up with a sequel of sorts (a generation or two behind) that I also love, On Fortune's Wheel. But anyway, Jackaroo (in case you have not read it) is an inspirational novel that takes place in an undefined Middle Ages type placed called the "Kingdom." The central character is a girl, Gwyn, who has been confined by gender (it seems her only option is marriage and the like) and an inability to help the less fortunate (often made less fortunate by the system of classist oppression). She begins to break out of this confinement when she stumbles upon the costume of a legendary figure called "Jackaroo" who is akin to Robin Hood (helps the oppressed with money and the like, rights injustices, all while wearing specific garb and a mask). She begins to mascarade as Jackaroo, helping the people and herself to grow/mature. She eventually gets caught because of Jackaroo's misdeeds, and is sentenced to be hanged. I won't tell you what happens (probably already said too much) in case you have not read it/want to in the future!

 "Essentially, it boils down to action, intrigue, romance (yes, she does find love, but not as it would have been expected of her- she breaks ALL the rules!), and girl-power! It is technically young adult (rated 12+) but it is very intense (Voight does not go lightly on the descriptions/actions and the punishments etc are very real), and I still enjoy it much later in life, today.

 "I would make a polish inspired by Jackaroo's costume. I always pictured it from the front of the book I had (for an image of the cover, go here). Thus, I would think a green/gold duochrome with a light linear holographic would be perfect! Hopefully that is doable and that you like my idea!"

So after I entered, I went and re-read the book. Turns out I totally misremembered a few things. For instance, she isn't the one that gets sentenced to hang, but she's involved. It is still a great book, and my lapses in memory are what makes it fun for me to read books over and over again anyway. ;)

Anyway, a green-gold duochrome with linear holographic? Sounds easy, huh? (That's a joke.) I wasn't sure how it would come out, but I spoke with Literary Lacquers rather excitedly and she really seemed to "get" what I meant... a couple weeks ago, the end result arrived, and boy, did it deliver!!!

I'm sure by now, you just want more photos and less words!! All photos are 4 thin coats with butter LONDON topcoat. I didn't use a basecoat, and it did not stain my nails (I was being lazy). These photos are taken after 2 full days of wear! It stuck on quite well!! I think this polish mostly speaks for itself, so here you go:

Bottle of Jackaroo polish
Bottom of the bottle to show temporary name- I also like how it got some rainbow in the shot!

Check out that duochrome!! This is in the shade.

Ohh la la! Gorgeous green- gold shift!

You can really see the gold on the left sides of the nails here in the shade!

And more of that shift near the tips- also in the shade.

And now some holo in my bright kitchen lights!!

And that gorgeous linear holo comes out with the flash too!

Another one for love of linear holos! ;)

So there you have it! The name is something I hadn't decided yet (LL is letting me pick!), but I have narrowed it down to a few things, so Jackaroo isn't the final name. I'll update when I have the final name. :P

So what do you think? Have you read Jackaroo? Do you think the polish fits? Which book would you do a polish based on?

As mentioned, this polish was sent to me from Varnished Valkyrie and Literary Lacquer's giveaway! If you are interested in any Literary Lacquers of your own, check her out on facebook here, or her polish shop here!

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